By powering creativity with technology, we make brands and ideas move beautifully.

Whether you are a brand, agency or production company, we'll provide the design, animation and technological expertise to help you meet your objectives.

Our Commitments

High Quality Animation

Whatever the budget, we're committed to maintaining a high quality output in whatever we do. Whether it's simple 2D, expansive 3D, or somewhere in-between, we'll craft you an animation that you can be proud of.
Harnessing Technology

The speed of development in the computer graphics and animation industry is both bewildering and exciting. At Myth, we dedicate a substantial amount of time to R&D, with the goal of finding ways to make budgets go further and animations more awesome.

Our Process



As no one knows your brand or project better than you, the first stage in any animation project is to take a deep dive into what the project is, and what makes the business or brand tick. Here, our creative director will ask questions to start formulating a creative vision, whilst the production team will get into the nitty gritty about how the project will run.



Once we've fully understood the brand or project, we will start to develop a concept treatment, styleframes or motion tests. The objective is to explore and establish the look and feel of the project. This is where ideas are thrown around, binned, developed and tested, before arriving at the perfect style for the project.



Now that the look and feel has been established, the next step is to create the story flow. Each scene is drawn out and placed in an end-to-end storyboard, allowing us to see how the film will look. Here, we can see if the story works, and input or remove scenes of necessary.



Once we are happy with the storyboard, it's time to animate. At this stage, our animation team fully engage, applying the concepts developed in the concept stage, to the storyboard that has been created. When it's ready, we'll send it to you for feedback, so together we can make sure the animation is perfectly crafted for its use case.


Sound Design

Finally, when the animation is complete and looking great, we'll make sure it sounds great too. Whether it's a composed score, sound effects or just a swingin' sound track, this final stage will get your animation ready for the limelight.

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Core Team

A picture of a creative director.

James Finlay

Founder & Creative Director

After a long career as an animator, James founded the studio in order to meet the demands of his clients. When he's not designing the next big idea, he's an avid armchair archaeologist, usually exploring ancient Mesopotamia.

A picture of an animator wearing a black hoodie.

Jono Kamester

Head of Animation

Leading the animation team from the front, Jono's skills with both pen and mouse are the stuff of legends. If he's not in the studio, you will find Jono and his tortoise Spike re-watching some classic cinema or the latest sci-fi flick.

A picture of a man.

Jimmy Gordon

Business Development Director

Responsible for all things business, Jimmy spends his days talking to our lovely clients and exploring new opportunities for growth. He’d like to think you’d find him playing his guitars in his spare time, when in actual fact you’re much more likely to find him playing Pokemon.

An animation producer.

Francesca Evans

Senior Producer

By day, Frankie keeps the magic at Myth in motion with her legendary creative flair and organisational abilities. By night, you will often find her performing live, improvised comedy at some of the UK's most prestigious haunts.

An animator.

Leif Zix

Animator & Illustrator

A true creative genius, Leif brings an extra sprinkle of delight to all of their projects. With a penchant for the playful, Leif has a passion for charming character animation, as well as taking excellent care of their many foster bunnies!

A picture of an animator.

David Burgess

Motion Designer

A ninja with the keyframes, David cuts a mean slice through any animation project with a customary dash and dare. Away from After Effects, he's either drumming along to classic British Rock and Roll or watching really old black and white episodes of Doctor Who.

A picture of an animator.

Samuel Dewick

Animator & Storyboard Artist

The King Midas of motion graphics, Sam turns ideas into storyboarding gold, whether he's pushing pixels or graphite. On the weekend, Sam is a rock climber extraordinaire.

A picture of an animator.

Ira Spiridonova

3d Animator

A modern-day deity, Ira is a builder of worlds. A technical Titan, Ira's ability to bring briefs to life is nothing short of godlike. Plus, if that's not enough, Ira once also held the title of Bulgarian women's doubles badminton champion.

Why Myth?

If you're a brand or company

We're committed to high quality, and that means creating an animation worthy of your brand. What's more, we'll create a no-obligation proposal to see how your animation could look.
If you're a creative or advertising agency

Myth can become your dedicated animation partner. That means you have on demand access to our animation expertise, no-obligation help with pitching and end-to-end animation services.
If you're a film production company

Myth can provide technical animation expertise, as and when you need it. We're experts in using AI as well as other video/creative technologies, to allow you to save money and create awesome work for your clients.
It's your story.
Together, we'll make it a legend.
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