Kato | Brand Launch Video

Typography Motion Graphics Animation

A fast-paced typography animation with slick 2d motion graphics, advertising the launch of the new commercial real-estate super brand, Kato.

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A Word

Motion Poetry

Created as a visual poem, this typographic animation explores how 'words' convey feelings when read. It uses motion graphics theory and principles to amplify the feelings conjured by the words.

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Enjoy Your Lunch

Myth Short

We created an animated short comedy using 'play-doh' or clay-like materials. By dropping the framerate to 12FPS, the animation has a stop-motion like feel. Fully CGI, we strive to re-create the charm of stop-motion animation but with the magic and production capability of 3D/CGI.

3D Animation

Arts Council England | Artsmark

Explainer Video

A playful animated character explainer video created for Arts council England.

2D Animation

Mota-Engil | Mext Brand Animation

2D Animation

A classic explainer video animation with a vivid and distinct voice, featuring motion graphic transitions and a slimed-down colour palette.

2D Animation

Chiswick Park | ESG Animation Series

Illustrative Explainer Video

An animation brand style created for a London business park. An ESG storytelling animation series. Original content and IP created for Chiswick park's ESG website.

Explainer Video

Bina | E-Learning App

Promotional Explainer Video

Explainer video with social media cutdowns. Featuring character animation and an illustrated world, full of personality and warmth.

3D Animation

BritBox | How-To Videos

Explainer Video

An instructional explainer video series, created with a bespoke character family designed especially for BBC & ITV's Britbox. Myth studio original content created in London.

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The Billington Group | Employee Manifesto

Motion Graphics Explainer Video

Motion graphic explainer video using Billington's brand style, to showcase the new company employee manifesto.

Motion Graphics
An animation studio portfolio, an image of a café in a 3d rendering style, with 2d characters.

Cafe Saffron | Style Exploration

3D with 2D Characters

This styleframe showcases a stunning 3D rendered scene of a cosy café, complete with all the details and atmosphere you'd expect. But what really brings this scene to life are the 2D frame-by-frame animated characters on top, enjoying a cup of tea and adding a touch of whimsy to the overall composition.

3D Animation

Project 72

Title Sequence

An original Myth Animation Studio London production. This animation was created by our artists to experiment with an AI assisted 3d animation pipeline, from concept development to modelling and texturing.

3D Animation

Tickmill | TVC

Fintech Animated TV Ad

Using financial iconography and aesthetic, we created this high tech looking spot to be shown on Bloomberg TV. It shows the journey of a data point, going from unstructured to a connected microchip system representing Tickmill.

Motion Graphics
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Purpose Storytelling

Character Animation Loop

From project showcase videos, to employee manifestos, our London animation studio has specialist animation services for purpose-driven brand messaging and branded content.

2D Animation

The Bear Trap | Myth Short

2D/3D Illustrative Character Animation

An animated short that uses both 2d animation/illustration styles and 3d animation software. A Myth Studio London original content production.

Character Animation

Budweiser | Energy Collective

Motion Graphics

Slick motion graphics showcase animation for a Cannes festival submission. Fast-paced storytelling with multiple animation techniques.

Motion Graphics

IHG Internet Speed

Explainer Video

Fast paced motion typography with animated elements. Packed with animation craft and passion. Branded content

Motion Graphics

SmartMug | Product Render

CGI Product Promo

A product render animation showcasing realistic CGI.

3D Animation

Stories For Life

Illustrative NGO Animation

Stories for Life is an open inquiry exploring the role of stories in helping shape a more beautiful, life sustaining world. Kickstarted by The SpaceShip Earth, Green Economy Coalition and The Wellbeing Economy Alliance.

Illustrative Animation
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