Whatever your goals, we'll create a distinctive animation style optimised for your brand, audience and budget.

Our pipeline combines expert art direction with AI and 3D technology.


A selection of our latest and greatest.
An image of a woman and building on an animation studio website.

Motion Poetry

Created as a visual poem, this typographic animation explores how 'words' convey feelings when read.
A bunch of squares and the words 'we assemble'.

Chiswick Park

A series of ESG focussed animated explainer videos.
An image showing a beautiful forest scene in London illustrated by an animation studio.

The Kingdom of Bhutan

A film created to showcase The Mindfulness City. 2D section created by Myth, 3D by Squint/Opera.
An image of a Bhutanese landscape on an animation studio website.

Project 72 | Title Sequence

A 3D title sequence created for a dystopian Sci-Fi TV show.

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