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With multitudes of generic, boring animated content spilling into the internet on a daily basis, owning a thoughtfully-crafted, beautifully designed explainer video will allow you to steal the limelight and electrify your audience.

We'll take your project from end-to-end, first by understanding your brand, company culture and objectives, then designing, storyboarding and creating your animated explainer video..

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Myth Explainer Videos at a Glance

Boost Conversion Rates

Explainer videos are the ultimate salespeople. They highlight what makes your product or service special, showing potential customers exactly why they need it in their lives, helping them make that jump from "maybe" to "yes, please!"
Improve Information Retention

Research shows that viewers retain information from videos more effectively than from text. Explainer videos can help improve retention rates by presenting information in a memorable and visually appealing way.
Clear Communication

Explainer videos break down complex ideas into simple, easy-to-understand visuals and narration, making it easier for the audience to grasp the concept or information being presented.

Project in depth

An image of an animated character on an animation studio website.

Bina | Children's E-Learning App

We created an explainer video for a children's e-learning service targeted at home-school families.

The Brief

We were asked to take the existing character style provided by the brand and expand it into a full animated explainer video, educating the viewer about the service offered.

Developing the Style

We focused on adding charm and personalities to the characters, which represented the children as they travel through their Bina journey.

Showing the App

The animation featured a section where we showed a simplified, stylised version of UI, allowing the viewer to understand how it works..

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Why Myth?

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If you are interested in working with Myth, but you would like to see what your project could look like, get in touch to request a proposal. Our team will happily create a bespoke proposal deck for you to view and share. This could include a concept treatment, styleframe or motion test.
Style Proposal FAQ
Social Media Cut-Downs

Get more out of your explainer video with a social media cut-down campaign. We build our explainer video projects in a way that can be split into cut-downs, optimised to various dimensions. We can provide these as an editable project file, so further iterations can be exported and published easily.
Motion Guidelines for Every Project

During every animation project, we will test, develop and establish a set of motion principles that make up the backbone of the project. Once the animation is complete, we will collate these findings into a brand motion playbook, allowing anyone to replicate the style. This makes future projects cheaper, easier and more consistent.