JSON Animations
Animation for Websites

Specialist service for website animations. Popular formats inlcude JSON Lottie, HTML5 and GIFs.

At a Glance

JSON Lottie

A popular modern format. While there are some limitations, JSONs are fast and lightweight. Great for creating website graphics.


HTML5 is a coding language that can contain other types of files within. If video files are needed in an HTML5 file, it's important that it is highly optimised to be a small as possible.


An old format, but still great for some use cases. Just watch those file sizes!

JSON File Example


What is a JSON?

JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) Animation is a dynamic and efficient way to add animations to your website. By using JSON files to store animation data, web developers can create smooth and interactive animations that enhance user engagement and provide a richer website experience.

Why Use JSON Animation?


JSON Animation files are much smaller than traditional GIF or video files, resulting in faster load times and a better user experience.


JSON Animations are vector-based, meaning they can be scaled to any size


JSON Animations can be easily manipulated with JavaScript, allowing for interactive and dynamic website elements.

Cross-Browser Compatibility

JSON Animations are supported by all modern web browsers, ensuring a consistent experience across all devices.


"Myth came in and smashed the brief out the park. They brought flair and joy to the project as well as giving me total confidence that they will deliver. Solid team!"

Max Italiaander | Creative Director
A logo for Pixel Artworks on an Animation Studio in London's Website.

"Myth are great partners for us to work with, meaning they are always our go to for our animated films. They are creative, fast and fun to work with, patient with delays and last minute changes and always produce work that we are all proud of"

Julie Cook | Executive Producer
Revolt logo on Animation Studio website

"Thanks very much for all your support on the project - client and all the event delegates were super impressed with everything! It's our pleasure and look  forward to working with you again in the future!"

Andy Kaye | Senior Account Director
A client logo of a London animation studio. The Logo is a studio called Mr B & Friends.

Why Myth?

No-Obligation Proposal

If you are interested in working with Myth, but you would like to see what your project could look like, get in touch to request a proposal. Our team will happily create a bespoke proposal deck for you to view and share. This could include a concept treatment, styleframe or motion test.
Style Proposal FAQ
Motion Graphics Specialists

As one of our specialist services, we're extremely experienced with this form of animation. Our animation team regularly partakes in motion graphics exercises, sharpening our intuitive sense for rhythm, motion and timing. Our production team has successfully developed many films of this genre, and can build a bespoke project framework around your needs.
Motion Guidelines for Every Project

During every animation project, we will test, develop and establish a set of motion principles that make up the backbone of the project. Once the animation is complete, we will collate these findings into a brand motion playbook, allowing anyone to replicate the style. This makes future projects cheaper, easier and more consistent.

Get a proposal for your
JSON or website animation project.

This could include a style treatment, bespoke concept art or a motion test.

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