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Title sequence thumbnail for ITV's animated Euro 2024 opener.

ITV Euro 2024 Title Sequence
High Tech Animation for a Medieval World

Find out more about how we saved incredible amounts of time when building the Brothers Grimm world using innovative 3D and 2D animation techniques.
A Dropbox logo on an animation studio website based in London.

Dropbox Featured Studio

Named as a 'feisty' studio by Dropbox's customer stories team, read about our many nifty Dropbox integrations. Dropbox forms one part of our tech stack, and is one of the many ways in which we are constantly innovating as a tech-first studio.
A shiny fish created using animation tools by a studio in London.

Time to Shine: Using Reflective Materials and Casutics

We experimented with highly reflective metallic materials, as well as caustic glass. Caustics affect the way light 'prisms' out when traveling through a material. CGI allows many opportunities to manipulate physics for interesting results.
A preview image showing a Midjourney Prompt Guide PDF laid out in 3d space.

Free Midjourney AI Prompt Guide

Download our guide to using AI to create interesting style references for animation. The free PDF contains step-by-step instructions, a 90+ visual cheat sheet containing art styles and artists, and a moodboard template.
An image of a bridge in a sustainable looking world

Stories for Life and How our Animation Studio Ended Up Playing Glastonbury

In 2022, our 3 minute film for the movement 'Stories for Life' was chosen to be one of the lead films. The film was played on main screens throughout the festival and was well received.

Animation Studio Techniques: AI Character Animation Pipeline

We've developed a pipeline that allows us to take AI-created characters, quickly generate a 3D mesh, before adding motion capture data to animate it.

Christmas Creations: AI, Creativity, Christmas and... Halloween?

Using multiple AI tools, animation skills, a dose of creative flair and 24 hours, we created this mini-Christmas ad.
A marketing week Logo on an animation studio London website.

Press Feature: The Key to Creativity

See our article in marketing week about how we used tech tools to work remotely during the Covid pandemic and beyond.