Midjourney Prompt Guide
to Elevate Your Creative Briefs

Download our free guide to creating unique style references for creative and animation projects. The PDF contains instructions on accessing Midjourney, 90+ prompts in a helpful visual cheat-sheet, examples, and a moodboard template.

Maximize your creative output with tailored midjourney prompts. Discover succinct strategies and impactful examples in this guide that demonstrate how the right prompts elevate your AI artistry.

A preview image showing a Midjourney Prompt Guide PDF laid out in 3d space.

Midjourney Prompt Guide at a Glance

How to use Midjourney

Step-by-step instructions on signing up, accessing Midjourney, and inserting prompts.

Visual Prompt Guide

An extensive, 90+ image visual prompt cheat-sheet with a wide range of art styles and artists. Use this prompt guide to become an instant art-history expert and create stunning style reference images.

Moodboard Template

A template and examples on how to lay out a reference board for presenting to a production team.

Download our free Midjourney Visual Prompt Guide

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Insider Tips & Tricks Using the Midjourney Prompt Guide

Key Takeaways

AI Art

Midjourney prompts enable the creation of AI-assisted visual art through detailed text inputs specifying image content, art forms, styles, artist references, and additional details to guide the AI.

Effective Prompting

Effective Midjourney prompt creation balances simplicity with detail and encourages the use of synonyms, alternative descriptions, and experimentation with art styles to achieve unique and vibrant AI-generated imagery.

Customisable Parameters

Midjourney offers customizable parameters that allow users to control aspects of the image generation process, such as seed, quality, aspect ratios, and the stylize parameter to fine-tune the artistic output.

Unlocking the Power of Midjourney Prompts

An AI generated image of a zebra created using Midjourney Prompts. Created by an animation studio in London.

So, what exactly is a midjourney prompt, and why should it matter to you? A midjourney prompt is a powerful tool that serves as a transformative vehicle for artists and designers, enabling the creation of stunning visual art and enhancing creative projects. Imagine being able to command Midjourney’s AI to create a piece of art based on a simple text prompt. The possibilities are endless, and the best part is that using these prompts can help make your creative journey more inspiring and fruitful.

The Importance of Effective Prompts

The art of creating effective midjourney prompts lies in its nuances. The magic lies in the details, and the prompt should clearly state the intended content of the image, defining actions, mood, and specific desired details for predictability. Guiding the AI towards a specific aesthetic is achieved by including art form, style, and artist references in the prompt.

However, one must remember that a prompt’s structure should be clear, integrating the following elements:

The language used can influence the unpredictability of the results. Concrete language can lead to more predictable results, while abstract language can add a dash of unpredictability, making your work more intriguing.

Boosting Creativity with AI

The advent of AI has broadened the horizons of creativity beyond traditional mediums. It serves as a catalyst, providing unexpected visual interpretations and inspiring new ideas. AI art generators like Midjourney allow users to experiment with different art forms, techniques, and styles, expanding the scope of their creative expression. With the help of the midjourney bot, artists can explore new possibilities in the realm of AI art.

Indeed, the ability to generate better text prompts for AI art can unlock new aesthetics and compositions that could have been otherwise challenging to conceive manually. Moreover, AI-generated images can be further edited with AI, allowing for selective changes to parts of an image based on text prompts. This enhances creative possibilities, pushing the boundaries of digital art creation.

Mastering the Art of Midjourney Prompt Creation

An AI generated image of fauvist typography created using Midjourney Prompts. Created by an animation studio in London.

Crafting an effective midjourney prompt involves:

Descriptive prompts in Midjourney lead to more vibrant and unique output, while balancing brevity and specificity is important for ideal results.

Balancing Simplicity and Detail

Simpler prompts often result in more predictable and consistent image outputs. However, detailed descriptions can yield more unique and vibrant results, adding a touch of personal flair to your creation. It’s often helpful to start with a simple, clear description and incrementally add details, styles, and keywords to refine your prompts.

But remember, while a hyper detailed illustration in your prompt results in more remarkable images, it is crucial to maintain a balance to not overwhelm the AI. Adding extra details like framing, lighting, and color scheme to an AI art prompt can further refine the generated image, giving you greater control over your artistic vision.

Experimenting with Art Styles

A variety of art styles can be explored through AI, leading to distinct and innovative compositions. For instance, prompts inspired by famous artists like Picasso can result in truly unique and captivating images. Utilizing specific styles and keywords such as abstract, dream-like, or realistic in the prompts can effectively direct the AI to generate images that closely align with the desired artistic vision.

Midjourney offers users the capability to blend diverse, often surprisingly opposing art styles, facilitating novel variations and encouraging further creative exploration. Even combining a commercial art style prompt with a historical or regional art style can achieve really interesting results.

Utilizing Synonyms and Alternative Descriptions

Refining textual input and guiding AI to produce artworks in line with the user’s concept can be achieved by:

These strategies can help you discover the most effective wording to drive the AI toward your desired results.

There are resources such as the Myth Studio Guide to Midjourney Animation Briefs that shows a variety of examples. These resources can help you become more adept at crafting prompts and ultimately lead to more impressive and satisfying results.

Diving into Midjourney Parameters

Midjourney offers an array of customizable parameters to tailor the output of generated images. These parameters allow you to influence the final result, adding an extra layer of control and customization to your creative process. Some of the parameters you can adjust include:

Each parameter plays a vital role in shaping your artistic vision, taking into account the intricate details and maintaining a sharp focus.

Aspect Ratio

The default aspect ratio for Midjourney’s Model Version 6 is 1:1, which sets the standard for generated images unless otherwise specified. However, the beauty of Midjourney lies in its flexibility. You have the ability to alter the final image’s aspect ratio by utilizing the ‘ar’ parameter, adjusting the width-to-height proportion to suit your creative needs.

To achieve specific compositional effects, you can set custom aspect ratios such as 16:9 for a widescreen effect or 9:16 for portrait-oriented images. Keep in mind, though, that aspect ratios beyond the standard range, specifically greater than 2:1, are considered experimental and may yield unpredictable outcomes.

Stylize Parameter

The ‘stylize’ parameter in Midjourney is another powerful tool at your disposal, ranging from 0 to 1000 and affecting the intensity of the midjourney’s default style. This means that you can manipulate the stylize value to influence the artistic style of the output.

Increasing the stylize value tends to produce more abstract or artistic outputs, whereas lowering it results in comparatively realistic images. Essentially, the ‘stylize’ parameter influences the extent to which Midjourney’s training is applied in the image generation process.

This level of control over the aesthetic style of your output, including cinematic lighting, amplifies Midjourney’s versatility for your creative pursuits.

Top Midjourney Prompt Examples for Inspiration

A 3D image of a Midjourney Prompt Guide PDF.

Drawing inspiration from top midjourney prompt examples can fuel the creation of unique and captivating images. Whether it’s commercial styles like:

Even regional art styles such as ‘Hmong textile art’ or ‘Kuna Mola’ can lead to surprising and unique results.

Reimagined Masterpieces

The power of midjourney prompts can be seen vividly in the reimagining of masterpieces. These reimagined masterpieces offer a modern twist on classic art, bringing new dimensions and interpretations to well-known works. Consider prompts such as ‘Stop-Motion animation of 1984 by Picasso’ and ‘Stop-motion created by Vincent Van Gogh’ – they take distinct art styles and reshape them into novel creations that maintain the essence of the original artists.

These reimagined prompts celebrate the intersection of past and present creativity, providing a fusion of time-honored techniques with modern insights and technology. This blend of the old and the new can inspire you to create works that truly stand out.

Myth were the recipients of the Cannes Black Dolphin Award for Best Animation, Graphics and Special Effects 2022 and were featured in Motionographer- Unexpected Inspiration.

Utilising Midjourney Images in Animation Briefs

When constructing animation briefs, Midjourney-generated images can serve as effective visual references. This approach helps in clearly communicating the envisioned look and feel of the animation project. Whether it’s character design, settings, or key scenes, including midjourney images in the brief ensures a shared visual understanding among all stakeholders.

A 3D image of a Midjourney Prompt Guide PDF. Top down.

Character Design

Character designs generated by Midjourney can significantly enrich your animation briefs. By establishing the visual style and appearance of animation characters, AI tools can generate detailed character design with detailed textures, realistic expressions, and movements.

To design characters with AI, it’s necessary to provide a detailed prompt that articulates the character’s backstory and personality traits. This enables the AI to create accurate and compelling character visuals that not only look good but also tell a story. These AI-generated character designs are versatile and can be adapted for various applications such as animation, gaming, and digital avatars, increasing their appeal and relatability.

Storytelling with AI Art

Storytelling can be greatly enhanced with AI-generated images, as they add unique visual elements that are challenging to achieve with traditional methods. These elements, like complex effects and detailed scenes, can elevate the narrative, making it more engaging and compelling.

By adding depth and detail to your narrative, AI art can help you tell a more engaging and immersive story. Here are some ways AI art can enhance your storytelling:

AI art can truly add a new dimension to your storytelling, making it more memorable and impactful with the help of an AI art generator, by incorporating epic detail and hyper realistic elements.

Resources for Midjourney Prompt Enthusiasts

There are invaluable resources available to assist you in your creative journey with Midjourney prompts. One such resource is Myth Studio’s free downloadable PDF, featuring a cheat sheet of 90+ art styles and artists. This resource allows you to see prompts visually, aiding in understanding and providing much-needed inspiration.


In conclusion, midjourney prompts offer a powerful tool to unlock your creativity and elevate your art. By understanding the significance of effective prompts, exploring different art styles, balancing detail with simplicity, and using AI to enhance your creative expression, you can create unique and impressive images. Whether you’re working on an animation project or simply exploring digital art, midjourney prompts can transform your creative journey. So, why wait? Embark on this exciting journey and let your imagination soar!

Frequently Asked Questions

Where to find Midjourney prompts?

You can find Midjourney prompts in the downloadable PDF prompt guide.

How do you give a prompt in Midjourney?

To give a prompt in Midjourney, you can use Discord commands by typing “/imagine” followed by the specific prompt you want Midjourney to generate. It's that simple and straightforward.

How does the 'stylize' parameter in Midjourney work?

The 'stylize' parameter in Midjourney ranges from 0 to 1000, affecting the intensity of the default aesthetic style, with higher values yielding more abstract outputs and lower values creating relatively realistic images.

How can I use Midjourney images in animation briefs?

You can use Midjourney-generated images as visual references to effectively communicate the desired look and feel of your animation project in your briefs. This will aid in conveying the envisioned aesthetic to the animation team.

What is the importance of using synonyms and alternative descriptions in Midjourney prompts?

Using synonyms and alternative descriptions in Midjourney prompts is crucial as it helps refine the textual input and guide AI to produce artworks closely aligned with the user's intended concept. This ensures better results and accuracy.

Download our free Midjourney Visual Prompt Guide

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