The Bear Trap

Our London animation studio team love experimenting with workflows and styles. Whilst working on a client project, we developed a technique that uses 3d animation software, but has a stylish 2d look. This also allows more flexibility, for example with background matte painting & facial animations.

We decided to make the look into a short animation, to develop it further.

The Technique

We used a pipeline that included 3d character animation & environment, but with 2d illustrated elements, and a 2d face rig. This allows a huge degree of flexibility, whilst maintaining a beautiful, simplistic visual aesthetic.

The Result

Budweiser won silver at the Cannes Lions, and Myth have been a motion graphics partner of Revolt London ever since, regularly working together on multiple projects.

"Myth are great partners for us to work with meaning they are always our go to for our animated films. They are creative, fast and fun to work with, patient with delays and last minute changes and always produce work that we are all proud of."

Julie Cook | Executive Producer
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