Chiswick Park

Chiswick Park approached our London animation studio team with a challenge: How could we make their Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) goals relatable, engaging, and understandable for their vast community of stakeholders?

Chiswick Park | Directors Cut

Chiswick Park | Overview Film

The Approach

We recognized that an authentic illustration style, rather than mere animations, would be the bridge between Chiswick Park’s ESG values and its audience. It would need to be more than just visuals – it would need to encapsulate emotion, intent, and purpose. For this reason we developed a bespoke style that fit within Chiswick Park's brand colours, whilst remaining within the available budget.

The Discovery

Before we jumped into animation, we spent speaking to the team at Chiswick Park, understanding the people and the ethos behind the brand. We collaborated closely, holding brainstorming sessions, storyboarding together, and consistently seeking feedback to ensure authenticity.

Chiswick Park | Biodiversity

The Result

We crafted a series of animated explainer videos, each focusing on a distinct ESG aspect, but all woven together with Chiswick Park's narrative style. The animations not only educated but also evoked emotions, making stakeholders feel more connected to Chiswick Park's ESG journey.

Inspire action with animation.

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