FAQ: How will I know if the animation project will fit my budget?

By letting us know what budget range you have available, we can recommend an animation style that will fit.

From simple motion graphics, to immersive, cinematic blockbuster animations, there are infinite potential animation styles. Whilst having more time and budget to put into a film can lead to a really special animation that gets tonnes of attention, it's not always necessary. Sometimes, a more cost effective style can hit the campaign objectives.

Our expert animation team have the knowledge and insight to recommend something tailored to meet your budget, brief and goals.

How will I see my recommended styles?

Book a meeting with our team to discuss your project requirements, budget and timeline. We will then create a concept, styleframe or motion test proposal to fit your brief.

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What makes an animation project more expensive?

An animation project cost is calculated based on several factors, but can be broken down into three main areas. Animation length, deadline timeframe, and complexity of style. More costly styles include frame-by-frame (traditional) animation, 3d animation and some forms of character animation. Less costly styles might include 2d motion graphics & typography based animations.

Can I have a discount if I commision a series of animations?

Absolutely! When creating a series of animations, there are several ways time and costs are saved. Most importantly, the concept & style development stage will not need to be repeated, meaning a chunk of the budget will be saved after the first film. What's more, we'll create you a playbook for the series in order to keep the motion consistent across all films,

What makes Myth the best studio to work with my budget?

At Myth, our ethos is to create high quality animation with high tech creativity. We are constantly experimenting with AI, new tools and new workflows. This means that while we make budgets go further, we never compromise on quality. Ask the team for some examples or a proposal. We'll provide some of our expertise in a technical breakdown.

Can I provide some parts of the project to keep costs down?

We're happy to manage any project end-to-end, from concept and script to final cut. However, if you prefer to provide some of the stages, that's fine too!

For example, you may want to provide us with a voiceover, script, or even a full storyboard.

How will I know if the project will fit my budget?

We recommend that you discuss the budget range you have available with us. This means we can find a style of animation that will work best for you. With animation and motion graphics, the possibilities are literally endless, so we can always tailor an animation style to fit. At Myth, our speciality is using the latest technology to make budgets go further.

Get a proposal for your
animation project.

If you are interested in an animation but you would like to see what it could look like before purchasing, request a proposal. This could include a style treatment, bespoke concept art or a motion test.

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