FAQ: How can I make sure I get the right style and quality for my animation project?

By requesting an up-front concept, styleframe or motion test proposal.

With all the art styles and animation types available, settling on one can be a daunting task. Choosing the wrong route could mean wasted time and money, and could be damaging for your brand.

That's why we offer to create a concept, styleframe or motion test up-front, so that you can decide which style will work best for your project, brand or business.

What is a concept proposal?

A concept proposal will typically include a mood board, references to existing work, and a treatment. The treatment will explain the thinking behind the proposed concept, while the references and moodboard will allow you to get an understanding of possible artistic directions of the animation.

What is a styleframe?

A styleframe is a bespoke, still image piece of concept art. It serves as a snapshot of what the animation could look like. Generally, it will show key elements that the animation might require, for example, characters, typography and colour use.

What is a motion test?

A motion test is a short sample of animation. This is best for projects that are difficult to visualise with just a still image, for example, fast-paced motion graphics. For large budget or complex projects, we often recommend a motion test in order to make sure our approach is the right one, as well as show off what we can do!

How will I know which proposal is best for me?

After a consultation with our team, we will discuss what proposal will be best for your project. This is dependent on a variety of factors, such as budget range, project type and stakeholders.

Does the proposal cost anything?

Our proposals are completely non-committal and are under no financial obligation. We love finding the right fit for our clients, and if you decide that animation is not the right route for the project, we'll still be happy for the opportunity to explore.

How will I know if the project will fit my budget?

We recommend that you discuss the budget range you have available with us. This means we can find a style of animation that will work best for you. With animation and motion graphics, the possibilities are literally endless, so we can always tailor an animation style to fit. At Myth, our speciality is using the latest technology to make budgets go further.

Get a proposal for your
animation project.

If you are interested in an animation but you would like to see what it could look like before purchasing, request a proposal. This could include a style treatment, bespoke concept art or a motion test.

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