FAQ: I have a tight deadline. How do I know my project will be completed on time?

Through our tried and tested process, a touchpoint timeline, and a recommended animation style that will fit with your brief.

Our highly experienced animation studio team is used to tight deadlines. We've developed a sturdy workflow and process to make sure projects get delivered on time.

When time is of the essence, there are a few things we can do to make the project smoother and more achievable.

Recommended animation style

Some animation styles can be much more efficient to produce. For example, fast-paced motion graphics, or simple illustrations with basic transitions. Ask our team for a recommendation about what might work well for your project.

Tailored process

As an experienced motion graphics and animation studio, we have a tried and tested process that allows us to be highly efficient when it comes to tight deadlines. In some cases, we will tailor the process to fit with the project. For example, including a sketch storyboard, or excluding the storyboard all together if it's not needed and will save time.

Touchpoint timeline

A touch point timeline will set hard meeting dates along the process. This will allow you to have a meeting with all team members and clients at fixed points. This means everyone can discuss and provide input at the same time.

What can I do to speed up the process?

A strong brief

Provide a clear, concise, detailed brief. This can include the brand's tone of voice, the purpose of the animation and style/visual references. It can be faster also if you provide a script, especially for more complex briefs. If you need help creating a brief, ask the Myth team for guidance.

Prompt feedback

As it's extremely important to give prompt feedback for tight briefs, we use live feedback tools at every stage of our process. These will allow you to feedback directly onto storyboard frames, or onto exported videos. Live links can be shared with clients or other team members.

Connect on Slack

This is not mandatory, but if you're using Slack, we think it's a great way to keep communication speedy, open and clear.

Get a proposal for your
animation project.

If you are interested in an animation but you would like to see what it could look like before purchasing, request a proposal. This could include a style treatment, bespoke concept art or a motion test.

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