Bringing AI Technology
into Animation Production

The new AI breakthroughs are creating boundless opportunities for novel ways to create animation. Myth is commited to being at the forefront, allowing us to make better work more efficiently.

Constantly Evolving Landscape

With new AI breakthroughs appearing every week, keeping up with ways that AI can benefit your business can be dizzying.

Research & Development

By researching, experimenting & training our team to become hybrid AI/Animators, we've created a novel animation studio pipeline, implementing AI in ever-increasing stages of our process.

Animation Agency Partner

By becoming a animation agency partner, you can benefit from these exciting new technologies. We'll provide the knowledge & expertise to allow you to navigate this new world.

Concept Art & Moodboards

Using AI, we're able to quickly generate new concepts & styles. AI gives us the ability to mix together artistic styles, create variations and curiously explore new worlds with ease.

Whilst artificial intelligence can generate an infinitude of interesting images, the important part is combining human experience, knowledge and emotion to discern the best approach for your project.

If you have a project you need fast-turnaround concept art or a moodboard for, why not get in touch with the team today?
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Asset Creation

Using AI systems to create assets for animations is revolutionising the production pipeline.

AI generated assets can fit in at multiple stages, for example, matte or background painting, textures & scene decoration. The key is to use AI generated art to amplify the artist's vision, speeding up the process by removing the need for arduous tasks.

By combining the human hand with the power of artificial intelligence, a human-AI centaur team can achieve what was previously impossible or prohibitively expensive in a fraction of the time.