ESG & Sustainability

Effective communication for sustainability initiatives and ESG projects. Through engaging, impactful visuals and a well crafted script, this genre of animation can be highly effective at empowering employees or inspiring action.

At a Glance

Powerful Storytelling

Whether you are an innovative start-up or a forward looking corporation, communicating your sustainability ideas, goals or projects with stakeholders is more important than ever.

Versatile & Engaging

Creating an informative, inspirational animated video is a great way to showcase how your project is making a difference.

Visualise the Future

Animation gives you the power to glimpse the future in spectacular ways, show in-depth analysis of development projects, and bring ideas to life with fantastic storytelling and character.
An image of a bridge in a sustainable looking world
Client: Stories For Life
Client: Chiswick Park

Integrated Campaign

From scripts to screens, we can advise on every aspect of communicating your sustainability project. This might mean creating an informative explainer video project, or a slick motion graphic campaign to be used across social media.

In any of our animated projects, we don't stop simply at the end of the clip. We create an entire world, a style, characters and assets that can be repurposed and reused for further campaigns.

3d Visualisation

Animated video gives us the power to visualise the not-yet-made, and see the world how it could be. Using CGI and the latest 3D rendering techniques, we can take viewers on a journey into the future of sustainability.

Sustainability Storytelling

At Myth, we love bringing projects to life through charming, beautiful stories, especially when helping to create a sustainable future.

Through thoughtful craft and design, we specialise in animation that touches hearts and inspires action. Get in touch to find out about some of our previous projects.

Attending COP?
Or another climate conference?

An animated video is a great way to ensure your presentation has a lasting impact. We have an explainer video program designed specifically for sustainability conference attendees, allowing for a bespoke creative design process and guaranteed delivery before the conference.

Partnering with an events company such as Zentive can allow you to build a 360 sustainable experience.

Impress your audience, both live and online for years to come. Speak to one of our team for more information and case studies.

A vector illustration of a man with flowers behind.

"Myth came in and smashed the brief out the park. They brought flair and joy to the project as well as giving me total confidence that they will deliver. Solid team!"

Max Italiaander | Creative Director
A logo for Pixel Artworks on an Animation Studio in London's Website.

"Myth are great partners for us to work with, meaning they are always our go to for our animated films. They are creative, fast and fun to work with, patient with delays and last minute changes and always produce work that we are all proud of"

Julie Cook | Executive Producer
Revolt logo on Animation Studio website

"Thanks very much for all your support on the project - client and all the event delegates were super impressed with everything! It's our pleasure and look  forward to working with you again in the future!"

Andy Kaye | Senior Account Director
A client logo of a London animation studio. The Logo is a studio called Mr B & Friends.

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