Advanced Capabilities

Highly professional storytelling

Using a sophisticated graphic style and the latest in 3d animation technology, you can engage stakeholders wherever they are.

An animated explainer video can break down complex, lengthy topics and communicate them to a large audience.

At Myth, we combine creativity, technical expertise, and a process that ensures we gain a robust understanding of the project. Our mission is to create corporate communications that look beautiful and are compelling to watch, whilst remaining highly informative.

Animated Infographics

Display data in engaging and unique ways. We use a combination of elegantly designed typography with masterful motion graphics to produce animations that are both illuminative and invigorating.
A vector image of a girl flying.

Bespoke Character Design

We can create a unique character family to add personality and charm to your project. Using characters in your corporate animation allows you to be versatile in your storytelling, whilst remaining engaging and relatable. Our process includes a corporate character design process, allowing us to narrow down the most suitable character type. We can then provide these characters for multiple uses, whether they are for corporate infographics, animations, or presentations.

3d Animation

Visualise data, future projects or product prototypes using a corporate 3d animation style. Creating an immersive, dynamic 3d animated video will make any corporate project stand out and impress stakeholders.
A 3d render of a phone with financial data overlaid.
Animation Studio Client Logo YMU.Animation Studio Client Logo LadbibleA logo for Britbox on an Animation Studio in London's website.
"We contacted Myth Studio when we needed a series of quick-turn around but distinctive looking explainer videos for BritBox. James and team were phenomenally easy to deal with and turned around the work in record time, but most importantly the finished work looks fantastically stylish and completely unique. Thoroughly recommended."

Neill Torbit
Creative Director, Britbox
“Myth were exceptional in helping to bring our YMU rebrand identity to life. James and the team produced with impeccable quality and speed, creating 6 x videos with a rapid turnaround time. After such a great experience, Myth are now our ‘go to’ partner for animation and I’d recommended them to anyone. We look forward to working with the team again soon!”

Jordan Schwarzenberger
Chief Creative Officer, YMU Group
""Myth Studio has been such a pleasure to work with, their work for us on our 6-episode Toyota branded content campaign has been outstanding and even better than we could have imagined. They are quick and efficient and have done everything we have asked for and more in the timeframe allocated. We're really pleased with the work Myth Studio has done for us, we feel we have struck gold with them! We would highly recommend them and hope to work with them again in the future.""

Faye Sharpe
Producer, LadBible Group

Bespoke Animated Video Solutions for Corporate Clients.

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