How To Use AI tools For 3D Animation

Creating a 3D Street Scene using AI designs, Models and Textures

At Myth Studio, we specialise in using innovative techniques to create animations more efficiently. This article will show you how to use the AI tool Midjourney, Kaedim and C4D to get ideas into 3D and animated quickly and easily.

Key Takeaways & Method

  • Use Midjourney to generate building model designs
  • Upload to Kaedim
  • Download 3D model and import to Cinema4D (or other 3D software)
  • Use Midjourney to create textures for materials
  • Render from Cinema4D and composite in After Effects if required

Step 1: Create AI designs using Midjourney

Use Midjourney to create the designs you would like. in this case, the prompt was 'a single terraced building from Warsaw old-town, from a stop-motion style animation, 3d model on white background'

For information on how to use Midjourney, see this guide.

Step 2: Upload to Kaedim

Kaedim is a service that uses machine-learning alongside a human team to quickly turn your images into 3D meshes. Sign up, upload your image and choose how many credits you wish to use. Bare in mind this service is not free, but is very time saving.

Once your mesh is ready, which usually takes an hour or so, download as an OBJ.

Step 3: Import into Cinema 4D or another 3D software

Once downloaded, import your OBJ into Cinema4D or another software such as Blender. Repeat the above steps with as many assets as you want and start assembling your scene.

Step 4: Use Midjourney to Create Textures

Go back into Midjourney and create textures. Use the command --tile to get the images to come out tiled. For example:

roof tile texture, in the style of egon schiele, dark yellow and amber, romanesque art --tile

Use these textures as diffuse maps in your preferred render engine.

Step 5: Render and Composite in After Effects

Render your favourite passes and composite in After Effects.. A nice trick is to bring in even more textures or assets from midjourney and compositie them into your scene.

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